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15 reasons why Keswick holidays are the best holidays going

Posted on 22nd January 2015 by CE Team

Keswick holidays are quite possibly the best holidays going for a number of reasons! From the great location within the Lake District’s boarders and all the National Park has to offer, to a 700 year old market, there’s plenty to be getting on with on your Keswick cottage holidays.

Here’s a look at some of the top reasons you should spend your holidays in this quaint Lake District town.

  1. Keswick is a historic town

Keswick is a historic town dating back to the 13th century. Just look at the quirky buildings!

holiday keswick

  1. Lots of pubs

There are some great pubs in Keswick including the White Horse Inn, Dog and Gun and the Bank Tavern.

cottages in Keswick

  1. Great places to stay

There are many hotels and cottages to stay at on a Keswick holiday. The one pictured is the luxurious 22 Rose Terrace.

Keswick scenery

  1. Stunning scenery

Keswick holidays aren’t often matched when it comes to the rolling hills and surrounding countryside scenes. Just check out that stunning view!


  1. It looks great in Spring

This wouldn’t be a bad spot to have a ramble.


  1. And in summer

These Victorian rowing boats on Keswick Launch are rather famous – and rather nice to look at.

Keswick Autumn

  1. Also in Autumn

The falling leaves only add to the great scenic surroundings of Keswick.

Keswick holidays

  1. And winter!

Your dogs will love a Keswick Holiday in the snow!

Keswick Museum

  1. It has a museum

The Keswick History and Art Museum is a must-see location that has been around for over 140 years.

Lake derwentwater near Keswick

  1. It’s near great lakes

Lets just admire Lake Derwentwater again.

cottage holiday Keswick

  1. It has a famous market

The Keswick market is over 700 years old. Thankfully the local produce sold there isn’t as old.

Lake District Wildlife Park

  1. Check out the wildlife park

When you’re planning your Keswick holidays, remember the kids will love the Wildlife Park.

Keswick Mountain Festival

  1. The Keswick Mountain Festival is awesome

Music. Mountains. Sport. Beer. Enough said?

  1. Watch Shakespeare on a lake

Well, not quite ON the lake, but close enough.

Holidays Keswick

  1. Keswick holidays aren’t even that expensive

A week in Keswick can cost just £375. Have a look at our Lake District deals to start your own Keswick holiday.