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Best of North Yorkshire: What is North Yorkshire Famous For?

Posted on 30th May 2017 by CE Team

North Yorkshire, one of England’s most visited counties attracts countless tourists from near and far. It just has so much to offer, and for visitors and locals alike, there’s no shortage of things to do in North Yorkshire.

Enjoying the Countryside

North Yorkshire-countryside

North Yorkshire is the largest county in England, and it boasts wonderful countryside ranging from bleak, rugged, windswept landscapes of the North York Moors to picturesque hills, valleys, and rivers of the Yorkshire Dales. National parks account for 40% of North Yorkshire, and many countryside activities such as hill-walking, rock climbing, fishing, horse riding, and canoeing are very popular.

Shows and Festivals

Whitby-North Yorkshire-Goth Festival
North Yorkshire proudly stages many shows and festivals throughout the year. Some, such as the Great Northern Folk Festival held in March or the Egton Horse and Agricultural Show held in August have a traditional theme celebrating the proudly preserved rural culture of North Yorkshire. The Skipton Beer Festival, held in April, is especially popular among those who appreciate fine, traditionally-brewed local beers. Other events, such as Thirsk’s ‘Picnic in the Park’, an annual rock and pop festival held in July, or the Scarborough Blues Festival held in March, are great attractions for modern music lovers of all ages. Modern-film buffs are also catered for and can enjoy the Aesthetica Short-Film Festival in November, which showcases the work of up and coming film makers. And the last but not least, the famous Whitby Goth Weekend which takes place twice a year, is a truly unforgettable experience!

Food and Drink

North Yorkshire-food

North Yorkshire has terrific pubs serving delicious, traditional Yorkshire cuisine. The 18th century Blue Lion pub in the Dales National Park area, for example, is just one of many pubs offering delicious meals using local, seasonally available produce for its range of delicious and authentic Yorkshire dishes. An equally inviting range of drinks is available throughout North Yorkshire, and the deservedly-famous locally-brewed North Yorkshire beers take pride of place.

Towns and Cities

Coast town- North Yorkshire
Although more famous for its beautiful landscapes, North Yorkshire does have some interesting historic towns and cities including York, Middlesborough, Harrogate and Northallerton. Modern shopping centres and centuries-old historically-important buildings co-exist happily side by side and make a great day out for shopping and a healthy dose of culture and history. York, founded by the Romans in 71 AD, is the most famous city in the county thanks to its long and sometimes bloody history including its famously ill-fated revolt two years after the Norman Conquest of England in 1066.

Coastal North Yorkshire

North Yorkshire coast

North Yorkshire coast

The eastern edge of North Yorkshire borders the North Sea, and there are many interesting places to visit on the coast. The historic seaside town of Scarborough has a special place in the hearts of English people and has many amusement and beach facilities that are perfect for the whole family. Whitby is another pleasant seaside town, and the Whitby Sea Festival in July stages many maritime-themed shows and activities.

Climate and Weather

Situated on the eastern side of the north of England, North Yorkshire has the advantage of receiving less annual rainfall than most other parts of the British Isles. Winters can be cold and certain rural areas may become inaccessible or dangerous for the inexperienced due to heavy snowfall. Summers can be pleasantly warm, though, and that’s when the full range of outdoor activities are in full swing.

With so much going on throughout the whole year, boredom is not an option as there are countless places to visit and things to do in North Yorkshire. The visitors who rent a cosy holiday cottage in North Yorkshire with all the modern comforts of home, they can guarantee a fantastic time spent exploring the great English county of North Yorkshire.

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