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Cumbria: The Home of Daffodils, Lakes, Valleys and Sea

Posted on 11th December 2014 by CE Team

Carved by the ice-age millions of years ago, Cumbria is the second largest county in England and is well known as the home of the daffodils, valleys and in particular – lakes. It is the best place to stay if you plan a short weekend away or staycation and we hope our selection of Cumbrian cottages will suit your taste!

The River Derwent and River Cocker run through the county and are popular landmarks, with the Normal Market at nearby Cockermouth another tourist favourite. Cumbria is also famously home to many lakes. Two of which, Buttermere and Crummock Water, neighbour the picturesque village of Buttermere that offers great organic local food products, plus boat rides and fishing around the waters edge.

Popular with holidaymakers for being a fresh, nature focused remote getaway, the Lake District often leaves its visitors falling in love with Cumbria and the surrounding areas. Take a walk and explore the forests, or see spectacular views on a cruise around one of the Lakelands many popular bodies of water.

The Ullswater Streamers are a great place to celebrate special occasions, or to simply relax and take in the fresh lake air and stunning scenery.

Also, many visitors to the Lakelands submerge themselves in the magical atmosphere of Keswick – especially during the festive months. A beautiful market town, Keswick has a plethora of shops, pubs, hotels and restaurants, but also many landmarks including the museum and large parks.

Keswick is most associated with walking and hiking, especially up the hills surround the town that surrender stunning views of the landscape from their peaks. This town is also hugely cultured and set firmly in its agricultural roots. It holds a famous shepherding competition and many farmers markets.

Beaches in Lake DistrictKeswick, and the Lake District in general, is a dog loving region. Pubs and restaurants are largely accepting of hikers muddy boots and their four legged companions for lunch.

Regarded as an unseen jewel in Cumbria, Eden Valley is reasonably untouched by tourists. Then Penrith Tower is a very prominent landmark in the valley, with the whole area boasting a rich heritage and a stunning untouched scenic backdrop perfect for rural hikes.

Cumbria is not as well known as being a sea-side location, but to experience the coast to coast walk along the villages of Cumbria is a glorious way to spend the afternoon. Protected by the National Trust, the impeccable beaches along the edge of the county are popular in the summer months in particular with beach parties, water skiing, fishing, windsurfing and generally relaxing on the sands.

So if you’re looking for a new adventure, either this Christmas or next year, take a look at Cumbria, the Lake District and the surrounding areas.