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Our favourite Music Festivals of Lake District and Cumbria

Posted on 30th January 2018 by CE Team

If you are visiting this town for the first time, you will be spoilt for choice due to all the outdoor activities in Lake District that you can indulge in. Music festivals are some of the main attractions in Lake District and Cumbria and below are such festivals that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Where to Find Music Festivals in Cumbria

You might know Cumbria for its magnificent landscapes and all the adventurous activities you can enjoy there. There are many outdoor activities in Lake District to choose from. However, in the recent past, music festivals are overtaking everything else probably due to the success of their biggest festival-the Kendal Calling. Come watch some of the best upcoming talents at these festivals at a great price.

Keswick Mountain Festival

If you love the outdoors, you will have a great time at this festival. It brings people together in a combination of live music and numerous outdoor activities. Enjoy watching local and nationally known artists in performance. Book one of the many outdoor activities in Lake District. There is also camping but if you would prefer cottages in Keswick, go ahead and book one.

Kendal Calling

This is the biggest music festival in Cumbria, and it attracts over 20,000 spectators every year. The festival is set to take place from 26-29 July of this year. Come watch some of the best pop music artists performing on 9 different stages. Although this festival originally took place in the centre of Kendal town, it has long outgrown the area and moved on to Lowther Castle, which has more space for the many spectators that attend. Some of the artists that have made appearances on this festival include Snoop Dog and the Manic Street Preachers. You will also find areas set for markets, film screening and children’s recreation activities. Book your family cottages in Windermere and come enjoy the festival.

Music on the Marr

This is the friendliest festival you will find in the country. The entire village’s population is always in attendance, and although you will not find big artists performing on stage, there is always plenty of local upcoming talent to be celebrated. Enjoy some scrumptious meals and a craft market. The Lake District cottages are also open for those who don’t like camping. You can also opt for a day ticket if you don’t want to spend the night.

Lake District Summer Music International Festival

If you are still wondering about things to do in Lake District, well this is one of them. This festival is usually organised by a charity whose aim is to strengthen the Cumbria’s cultural heritage by the use of music in the arena. It brings together musicians from every part of the world in some small and very intimate venues that are scattered across the south part of Lake District. The main genre is classical music although there are also performances of other types. You get individual tickets although some events are totally free of charge. Attending this festival is one of the best things to do in Lake District.

Rock the Fells

The first time this festival took place was in 2016 with the aim of maximising the benefits that music festivals bring to the community. This small festival happens in West Cumbria in a tiny village that borders the national park. It only lasts one day, and the local brewery provides drinks to those in attendance. You will also find all sorts of family-friendly activities apart from performances from local bands.


This is one of the biggest festivals in Cumbria and is usually organised by volunteers who try as much as possible to discourage corporate sponsors. There are various music genres, and they have had the pleasure to host well-known artists. Apart from performances on their 7 stages, you will also find art and craft workshops, street performers and a children’s play area.

These are just some of the numerous things to do in Lake District with the International Festival’s date to be announced in May. Come enjoy the many music festivals this town has to offer.