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What to pack for a weekend in the Lake District cottage

Posted on 5th May 2018 by CE Team

The time is getting closer, and you’re wondering what to pack for your long weekend in one of our cottages in the Lake District. While much will depend on the outdoor activities in Lake District you prefer and the equipment you will need, some items should be included as a matter of course.

Remember you can always take it off

For many visitors winter and summer, favourite things to do in Lake District involve outdoor activities. What makes the place so attractive to the millions who visit the National Park is the craggy terrain. The lakes and tarns, the rugged fells, the acres of moorland and the forest filled valleys. It’s the highly variable weather which has formed this unique landscape. You are as likely to get caught in an icy downpour on top of Scafell Pike in August, as you are to get sunburnt enjoying a boat trip on Windermere in January.

Pack layers. Vests, tee-shirts, blouses, polo shirts and light jumpers for the summer, and heavy thick jumpers for the winter. Remember, the higher you go the cooler it will get. If your things to do in Lake District includes a lot of high fell walking, strap a warm jacket to your rucksack, even during the warmer months. There’s always the risk on the sunniest of days a light shower could catch you out. Keep a pair of light waterproof leggings and top rolled up in your backpack – just in case. With a selection of tops, you can check the daily weather forecast, dress accordingly, and put an extra layer or waterproof top in your pack as a standby.

If you’re staying in one of our dog-friendly cottages in Keswick such as 22, Rose Terrace, you are two minutes away from the town centre and its picturesque surroundings. A stroll into town in shorts and top on a pleasant sunny day is a great way to get a little extra vitamin D.

Comfortable footwear

Those who enjoy walking holidays will already have good strong walking boots. If you’re embarking on your first rambling holiday, your choice of footwear can make a big difference to your enjoyment. Painful heel blisters after day one, are not conducive to happy memories. If you are staying at Above Cott, one of our cottages in Windermere, and are sure you will spend your time in the town, on the water, or on the Lakeside and Haverthwaite Railway, then wear your favourite trainers. But, if you intend to do some rather more serious walking, a robust pair of shoes or boots with good ankle support is recommended. Twisted and sprained ankles caused by loose stones on tracks and paths keep our local GPs busy the year round.

The necessary necessities

Thousands of amateur and professional photographers and artists flock to our Lake District cottages all year round. Whether your outdoor activities in Lake District involve shooting landscapes, wildlife, birds, or 16th and 17th-century country inns, remember to pack spare batteries and charger. The vast majority of our Lake District cottages, our cottages in Windermere and our cottages in Keswick have Wi-Fi to help you keep in touch with friends and family at home. You will also find plenty of points in your dog-friendly cottage to charge tablets, laptops and mobile devices.

Get on your bike

Finally, if you intend to spend most of your holiday cycling rather than walking, make sure to bring chains and padlocks to keep your bicycle safe at the cottage, or when you are out and about. Although we don’t supply cycles as part of the package, there are plenty of cycle hire shops in Keswick and Windermere that can supply bikes, padlocks and helmets for the whole family.