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Protecting Our Natural Environment

Posted on 1st September 2019 by Rachel Martin

We are very fortunate to own a collection cottages located in one of the UK’s most stunning surroundings; on the edge North Yorks Moors and Coast and we recognise that the protecting our natural environment requires consideration in virtually all of our activities.

Today, the pressures on nature are wide and complex and it is vital for us to protect wildlife and wild places in different ways. Which is why at Cottage Escapes, we incorporate environmental management into everyday business and our team seek the highest standard of excellence in environmental practice.

We have always placed an emphasis on making positive changes where possible in respect to energy, waste, environment and conservation and leave areas of Thirley Cotes Farm ‘rough and wild’ to encourage wildlife, as well plant trees, shrubs and flowers that provide food and shelter. We also inform our holidaymakers what can be recycled and provide designated areas to do this.

We want to inspire our guests to engage with their natural environment and work hard to provide plenty of opportunities for people to connect with nature. Our team encourages guests to see, learn about and enjoy the wildlife both at our cottages and in the wider countryside and at Thirley Cotes Farm, we work hard to protect the natural environment and the wildlife it brings with it, which includes bats, barn owls, moles, badgers and a wealth of flora and fauna.

We have bird, bat and owl boxes around the farm and use low level lighting to find a balance between reducing pollution and ensuring our guests feel safe at night. What’s more, we have professional nature photography equipment set up on site to capture and monitor the unique wild and birdlife, which we frame and display across our cottages.

We also plan to focus our conservation efforts on developing and building a new on-site Owlery to help save resident Barn and Tawney’s and by helping to provide specially constructed bat lofts, we hope to provide our bats with a safe place to roost.

Find out more about Thirley Cotes Farm and the hard work that goes into protecting our natural environment.

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