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Six Top Autumn Colour Walks in the Lake District

Posted on 17th October 2016 by Peter Durbin

Autumn is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable seasons where we all settle down and get ready for the colder weather. A brisk Autumn walk can be extremely satisfying, especially in an area of great natural beauty. In the Lake District, the colours of Autumn truly come into their own and it is a wonderful opportunity to snap some inspiring photographs, immerse yourself in the beautiful surroundings and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. Below are six different Autumn colour walks in the Lake District. Each allows you to enjoy the vivid colours of Autumn and the outstanding natural beauty of the Lake District and most importantly, they are easily accessible from most of our cottages.



The valley of Borrowdale is a naturally pretty and very popular throughout the year. However, it will truly take your breath away in the late Summer and Autumn months. The dense woods of the valley are transformed as the leaves change colour and rich reds, browns and oranges take over the valley. The rare Jaybird is also heard squawking among the trees and to enjoy the best of the Autumn colours, you can take a leisurely 8-mile round trip. Following the River Derwent will take you straight through the forest.

Shores of Windermere


Both sides of England’s longest lake, Lake Windermere, are awash with the vivid hues of Autumn. Whether you board a ferry and view the lakes from the water, up to Ambleside or down to Lakeside or choose to walk, you can enjoy the beauty of the scene. For a particularly pretty Autumn, colour walk starts at Bowness and walk out to Cockshott Point or even stroll through the gardens at National Trust Fell Foot Park.


Langdaleflickr photo shared by flamesworddragon under a Creative Commons ( BY-SA ) license

Langdale is another of the Lake District’s beautiful valleys. The Langdale Pikes are a picturesque backdrop to one of the region’s most popular and well-known locations. Loved by walkers and climbers, you can take a simple stroll across the valley floor, through fields and also over the occasional bridge. At the height of Autumn, the whole area is a magnificent burnished orange as the densely packed trees drop their leaves.


buttermereflickr photo shared by paulpiltdown under a Creative Commons ( BY ) license

Buttermere is another of the Lake District’s popular lakes and it is another which becomes even more beautiful when Autumn sets in. The western side of the lake is covered in trees and the relatively small size of the lake means its waters are calm if you visit early in the day. This allows for a spectacular mirrored effect where the autumn colours reflect in the water. A walk around Buttermere may only take a couple of hours but it is a memorable experience and a great chance to snap some autumnal photographs.


Sizerghflickr photo shared by xlibber under a Creative Commons ( BY ) license

Sizergh is a large stately home with beautiful gardens just four miles to the south of Kendal. More than 700 years of history can be enjoyed at Sizergh and in Autumn it’s the beautiful colours of the orchards which attract attention. The trees are simply bursting with ready to pick fruit and in the rock garden, exotic Acer trees are ablaze with every autumn hue, from golden yellows to roaring reds.

Brothers Water

Brothers Waterflickr photo shared by carr_simon under a Creative Commons ( BY-ND ) license

The perfect choice for an early morning stroll, Brothers Water is the epitome of peace and tranquillity. As the mists rise off the water you can take in the blankets of fallen leaves as well as striking and unusual gnarled roots, wizened older trees and more. It has a magical feel which makes it all the more attractive and a wonderful choice for when the sun is just rising.

Autumn in the Lake District is all about colour. The whole region comes alive with reds, yellows and oranges. Taking a stroll or two whether you’re visiting for a day, a weekend or week is a wonderful way of truly appreciating the splendour of the season.