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Top historic sites in North Yorkshire and Whitby

Posted on 8th May 2017 by CE Team

Taking a walk through an atmospheric historical site is a truly unforgetful experience. When you rent a cottage in North Yorkshire or a Whitby cottage, there are plenty of brilliant heritage locations to explore. To get you started, here is a small selection of the many historic sights and landmarks in North Yorkshire and Whitby. From battle sites to ancient castles, it is clear that North Yorkshire has it all.

The North York Moors Railway

One of the most attractive family days out is traveling back in time on the stunning North Yorkshire Moors Railway steam trains, which run through the gorgeous North York Moors National Park. Planned by George Stephenson in the mid-nineteenth century, the railway now functions as a working tourist attraction, with plenty of historic locomotives for you to see and travel in.

Fountains Abbey

Fountains Abbey

This romantic old abbey should be near the top of any list of historic places in North Yorkshire. This is one of England’s largest and best preserved Cistercian monasteries: there are three miles of terrain for you (and even your dog!) to explore.

St Gregory’s Minster

This Anglo-Saxon church is also situated on the beautiful Moors. It was rebuilt around 1054 because the original church of 654 AD was destroyed by the raiding Danes. When you rent one of the various picturesque cottages in North Yorkshire, St Gregory’s Minster is definitely a great starting point for an enjoyable summer circular walk initially northwards through Kirkdale then Hedge Beck and on up to Sleightholme Dale.

Pickering Castle

This well-preserved motte and bailey castle was built in the 1180s, if not before. If you are fascinated by medieval history, it’s time to grab your dog’s lead and take them up to the Moors in order to explore this imposing fortification. For a fee, you can also enter the castle and take a look around its inner architecture (the twelfth-century keep is particularly amazing) and the various museum exhibits and live events that are available there.

The site of the Battle of Marston Moor

Yorkshire is home to several historic battle sites, and one of the most important is the site of the Battle of Marston Moor. This battle is the largest known battle to have ever been fought in England and it occurred in 1644 during the English Civil Wars between the Royalists and the Parliamentarians. As well as being a site of historical importance, it is also a very beautiful place to take your beloved dog for a walk.