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When is the best time to visit the Lake District?

Posted on 27th September 2018 by CE Team

Boasting an unrivalled reputation of Lakeland love as well as being the tap of inspiration for the famous children’s fiction story, Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter, the Lake District cascades between mountains, forests and sun-stroked greenery and is a popular destination for both domestic and international holidaymakers. Located in North West England, this famed freshwater lake encapsulates and represents a vital and sacred fragment of English history. From red squirrels to otters and deer, there is an abundance of wildlife cohabiting in the surrounding landscapes, each a vibrant vision of their own not to be missed however, all are running on their own timelines. So what is the best time to visit the Lake District?

Auspicious autumn

Under the unanimous agreement, autumn is the best and most recommended time to visit Lake District. Often considered as the term of transition, before the huge weather drop and grey cast, autumn allows the lake and the surrounding landscape to display the natural beauty of nature. When primaeval greens are tinged deep purples, auburn reds and golden orange, conquering a walk up the mountains and heather hills will reward you with a soaring stretch of sensational sight expanding beyond the horizon.

Due to the more often than not moody and gloomy grey skies, this causes the misconception that Lake District is a sore sight of barren twiggy trees and sheets of cold mist streaming over hilltops hence the audience attracted to Lake District thins across the autumnal months. However, the detail overlooked is the beautifying impact of seasonal changeover on nature, which can only be witnessed in the season of autumn. Since there are fewer visitors to visit this English landmark during this window, take advantage of the off-peak prices for local country houses and touristic activities whilst being rich in awe, soaking up the most pure and raw form of beauty nature has to offer without having to apologise for elbowing a neighbour in the chin during an attempt of snapping a picturesque poised photo to upload and share with friends and family on social media!

Land of literacy

Enjoy an early evening gazing into the clear night sky trailing the glimmering stars or the remnants of late sunshine bleeding across the horizon in streaks of bright oranges and yellows blending into strokes of pastel purples and pinks.

This romantic scenic view has proven to provoke creative senses of inspiration for authors wide and far. From the sweet little cottages in the Lake District with traditional thatched roofs made from dried vegetation to the bronzing leaves falling from the branches of trees, taking slow and relaxed walks besides the valleys and village streets will ultimately find yourself ducking your head into a space of curiosity and beguilement without being interrupted by the personal battle against the sharp cold airs as weather will look warm requiring a thin jacket to pull over for safe measures.

Spellbinding scenery

Apart from stirring the mills of inspiration for poet authors, visiting Lake District during the autumn months will offer spellbinding scenery as you clamber up hills to reach the top for a glimpse of the panoramic dimension of this English corner. Spending a weekend away from the metropolitan city is a call for defusing from a stressful space and what better way to detach from the multitude of stresses than embracing nature whilst meeting and making new friends in one of the UK’s most quoted and often discussed landmark to shake off the moody blues?

Catching the Lake District this autumn before winter breaks free will provide ultimate mental and physical rejuvenation as well as a frame of unforgettable atmospheric splendour and terrain including some of the most consistently stunning views.