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18th December 2023

Visiting The North York Moors In Winter

Winter is on its way, but the robins will still be singing and there’s plenty of activity to enjoy throughout December and beyond across the North York Moors.

Wrap up warm and you’ll find lots going on here in North Yorkshire, from walking and nature days to stargazing and seasonal street stalls. Or, if you prefer a more restful option, we’ve got cosy country pubs, welcoming cafes and afternoon tea with views galore.

Wildlife to look out for across Thirley Cotes Farm and the North York Moors:

  • Bramblings, fieldfare, redwings and chaffinches make themselves at home in Troutsdale.
  • Snow buntings, which will be overwintering on the North York Moors coastline now, take advantage of the festive feeding grounds. Stay at our cottages on the North Yorkshire coast and you may well see the birds making landfall as they fly in from over the North Sea. A busy flock of soft white snow buntings is a wonderful sight.
  • Birds of prey will be hunting during the short daylight hours, including merlin, buzzards, peregrines, sparrowhawks, barn owls and short-eared owls. It is also worth heading to Wykeham Forest Raptor Viewpoint to see what’s around. Tawny owls are still very vocal at dusk. They will be well camouflaged against the brown barks of trees, but now is a great opportunity to see one, when the canopies are devoid of leaves.

Our Recommended Winter Walk in the North York Moors

Hutton le Hole is as pretty as a picture in the snow, but even without the white stuff, this is a charming walk on country lanes and moorland tracks, returning across the Spaunton escarpment for some lovely sweeping views. It’s a cracker for a crisp day, with a country pub in both villages!

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