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Dove Cottage

Posted on 11th March 2017 by CE Team

Find out more about the daily lives of the Wordsworths when you visit one of their homes, Dove Cottage. When living in Dove Cottage, from 1799 to 1808, William Wordsworth is known to have written many of his finest works. Poems such as ‘I wandered Lonely as a Cloud’ were penned during his time living at Dove Cottage and Dorothy too is renowned for her Grasmere Journals, written when living in the cosy home.

A visit to Dove Cottage will easily show you exactly what inspired both the Wordsworths and it is a chance to explore their history as well as the area. You can enjoy an entertaining tour of Dove Cottage and her all about the Wordsworths and their famous visitors.

The cottage was originally discovered by William as he walked with John and the poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge in the area and within weeks of discovering it, he and Dorothy made it their home. It remained their home for eight years and all of Wordsworth’s children with his wife Mary were born in the house.

Enjoy a sense of their lives as you explore the cottage, with original stone floors, dark panelled floors and warming coal fires settings a fantastic atmosphere. The house has been preserved in as close to original fashion as possible so visitors can imagine the Wordsworths at home, enjoying their home. A stroll in the garden will further bring to life the images of Wordsworth’s poetry but also give you a sense of how it must have felt when inspiring the poet himself. The garden was planted with flowers and vegetables and the Wordsworths would regularly sit outside and enjoy the wildlife, whilst also

Wordsworth Museum and Gallery

Entry into Dove Cottage includes access to the Wordsworth Museum and Gallery. Artefacts and items change regularly and often include original manuscripts and beautiful work by artists famous, as well as lesser known. Dorothy Wordsworth’s Grasmere Journal is on display in the museum and many other items of special significance to the brother, sister and their family.

Dove Cottage and the Wordsworth Museum are located in Grasmere. The attraction is easily accessible from both Windermere and Keswick and is located on the A591 for easy access by car. There is an on-site paid car park for your convenience and eating and drinking facilities, in the form of a traditional tea rooms. Both hot and cold food is available as well as a range of drinks.