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Peasholm Park

Posted on 11th March 2017 by CE Team

Peasholm Park flickr photo by domfell shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

Peasholm Park is a beautiful and popular natural space in Scarborough, North Yorkshire. 24-hour access, seven days a week ensures the park can be enjoyed at your leisure if you visit the area and entrance is entirely free. It is a perfect spot to visit with families, with well-behaved dogs on leads or simply because you want to enjoy a relaxing walk in the park.

Peasholm Park is home a large and peaceful lake which comes alive in the summer months. There are boats for hire and other activities to enjoy at the water’s edge. Boats include classic rowing boats as well as fun pedalos and dragon-headed boats which are particularly popular. There is also the opportunity to ride aboard a boat steered by others so you can simply enjoy the peace of the waters. There is a traditional bandstand in the middle of the lake and often musicians are playing and there are free concerts to enjoy throughout the summer.

Relax and Enjoy Peasholm Park

Two cafes open up during the tourist season in Peasholm Park. Enjoy anything from a relaxing cup of tea to a sandwich and even fuller meals. Sitting at the café’s edge you can enjoy beautiful scenes across the park and of course, the lake. Picnics are welcomed too, with many places to site and enjoy your feast.

Peasholm Park has been built around a natural glen and stream at its centre, with the lake at the end of the stream. However, if you explore further upstream you’ll find plenty of interesting spots and sights. Look out for gentle waterfalls and small ponds, one of which is known for its popularity with model sail boat enthusiasts.

Peasholm Park has a decorative Oriental theme, with many of the bridges and the general layout of the park capturing this style. There are many wild flowers and trees to look out for, many of which are rare and unusual breeds. At the top of the glen there is a pretty lily pond and also a beautifully cultivated garden.

Simplicity speaks volumes at Peasholm Park as it attracts many visitors. It has become the perfect breeding ground and home for many types of wildlife, from the wild geese and ducks in the waters to the squirrels scampering up and down the trees in the woodlands.

Peasholm Park is a wonderful tranquil spot for a day out and even in the busy summer season there are still quiet spots to be found.