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Robin Hoods Bay and Staithes

Posted on 11th March 2017 by Simon Middelton

Robin Hood’s Bay and Staithes are two of the East Coast’s most popular attractions and once you decide to visit either or both of these places, you’ll surely agree. Below is a closer look at each of these popular coastal spots. Both are easily reached and provide a chance to see the natural beauty of Yorkshire’s coast.

Staithes: The Coast of Captain Cook

Picturesque and traditional, the village of Staithes is nestled in a narrow creek which was formed by the Roxby Beck. It is just ten miles north of Whitby and it is consistently considered one of the prettiest coastal spots in the whole of the country. The word ‘Staithes’ was chosen for the name of the village by the Vikings who first settled there and it is its beautiful scenery and historic connections which draw people to the village.

Visitors to Staithes are often following the trail and life story of Captain Cook, the famous 18th-century explorer. As a child, Cook had worked as an apprentice in Staithes and it was being at the coast which inspired Cook to begin his seafaring career. On leaving Staithes, Cook went to Whitby to begin a career on the seas.

Staithes is in the borough of Scarborough but not far from Whitby, sitting on the border between Scarborough and Redcar and Cleveland. It has become popular with tourists looking to see the natural Yorkshire coastline but also with geologists due to the large proportion of fossil found in the area. In the 1990s there was even the discovering of a rare dinosaur fossil.

Robin Hood’s Bay

With another historical, or perhaps the legendary link, Robin Hood’s Bay is a characterful little village just five miles to the south of Whitby. Legend tells us that Robin Hood actually kept his boats at the bay, so a quick and speedy getaway could be made from Whitby if necessary and it is this story that gives the area its name.

Beautiful beaches and quaint village architecture make Robin Hood’s Bay an enjoyable day out for everybody. Many people choose this beach for their day at the seaside whilst on a Yorkshire holiday. You aren’t going to find deckchairs and amusements because Yorkshire keeps its coastline natural and classic. The sands are backed by overhanging cliffs and former fishing cottages dot the coastline. Unusual architecture and scenery unlike anything else in the rest of the country keep visitors coming back to Robin Hood’s Bay year on year.