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Falling Foss – Waterfall & Tea Rooms

Posted on 11th March 2017 by Simon Middelton

A beautiful natural waterfall hidden just to the south of Whitby, around four miles away, Falling Foss is a popular yet relatively secluded attraction in North Yorkshire. Its proximity to other attractions makes Falling Foss a lovely day out or a place to spend a nice morning or afternoon.

Falling Foss is accessed via woodland on either side of the villages of Littlebeck and Maybeck. Travelling by car you simply follow the B1416 road and follow the signs for parking at Sneaton Forest Car Park. There is also picnic area nearby, woods to play in and a footpath which takes you to Midge Hall.

Falling Foss Waterfall

Fall Foss Waterfall is 30-foot high and is a beautiful attraction for a rainy day. After heavy rain it is completely spectacular and is often stopped by for a few short minutes but those following the Falling Foss Forest Trail which takes you through Sneaton Forest. There are many walking routes and mapped treks in this area, many purposefully bringing walkers to Falling Foss for the beauty of the falls.

Midge Hall and Falling Foss Tea Gardens

Perfectly placed and renovated in the last decade or so, Midge Hall is now home to the Falling Foss Tea Gardens. Midge Hall was originally a gamekeeper’s cottage, believed to date back to the 1780s but now it is home to a quaint and much needed tearoom. It is particularly well-placed for all the walkers who have come from far and wide, many of whom may be trekking the whole Yorkshire coast.

Although the modern-day tea gardens were renovated in 2008, the cottage itself had been used in this way for many years, as far back as the 1930s. Visitors used to be bussed the area by coach to enjoy the beautiful falls and then settle and enjoy a cup of tea or two. Between the 1960s and 2008 the cottage was left in ruin but the new owners have brought life back to the area and given visitors to Falling Foss another wonderful reason to stick around.

The Falling Foss Hermit

Another local point of interest you can explore when visiting is ‘The Hermitage’ which is just a short walk from the falls. This cave is carved out of a huge bolder and dates from as far back as the 18th century. It was once the secluded home of a hermit who was able to sustain their lifestyle thanks to the woodlands nearby. The cave definitely has an eerie feeling about it but it is also a fascinating experience.